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Online Upskilling Platform OdinSchool Announces Multiple Educational Initiatives in Data Science

OdinSchool is a part of GreyCampus, a global leader in career training. It aims to bridge the skill gap prevalent in the Data Science domain through multiple educational initiatives

Hyderabad : OdinSchool, a part of GreyCampus, announces the launch of their educational initiatives to bridge the gap of skilled Data Science professionals in India. Focused on developing effective training solutions, OdinSchool launches three new opportunities, viz., scholarship for women-in-tech, a free-for-all academy and University partnerships, all aimed at helping people build their careers in Data Science.

Women-In-Tech Scholarship aims to help women overcome financial barriers and build strong careers in Data Science. Considering that women constitute less than 20% of the workforce in Data Science in India, OdinSchool has designated INR 1 Crore to encourage aspiring women to break into this exciting domain. The top eligible candidates receive up to 100% scholarships.

The Academy is a free and exclusive platform for Data Science enthusiasts. It unites aspirants, professionals, thought leaders, and industry veterans who seek knowledge, opportunities, and collaboration in the domain of Data Science.

An effort to develop Data Science skill sets in colleges, Uni-Con is OdinSchool’s initiative to partner with educational institutions to upskill the faculty and to offer several learning benefits in Data Science to students, all free of cost.

OdinSchool also offers a six-month-long Bootcamp in Data Science that will help young professionals and graduates acquire in-demand skills to advance their careers. The program is led by industry veterans who also offer one-on-one mentorship sessions to candidates.

“At OdinSchool, we offer a job-aligned learning experience. As a premium provider of career training programs, we are also committed to making our courses accessible to people who aspire to have a career in this emerging field. The Academy and the Women-In-Tech  scholarships are certainly a huge opportunity for all candidates who are looking to get ahead in their careers, irrespective of their economic status. Additionally, we also want to nurture the future generations of tech workforce in the country. The Uni-Con initiative will help the faculty

get on par with the current technology trends and help shape future minds. “, said Vijay Pasupulati, CEO and Co-founder of GreyCampus and OdinSchool.

An upskilling platform that invests in its students, OdinSchool’s Bootcamps come with career services that include workshops on workplace behavioural skills, live engagement with weekend classes, and complete placement assistance. OdinSchool has placed several aspirants in reputed data-driven organisations in India.