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Pathways School Noida Witnesses Cultural Diversity at Christmas Carnival 2021

New Delhi : Pathways School Noida celebrated Christmas Carnival 2021 on 16th December. The parent community organized the mega event with much zeal and fervour. The voluntary event brought the parent community together to contribute to Yuletide’s spirit. At Pathways, every year, parents choose the theme for the Carnival. It is a ritual Pathways takes pride in following for years. To make the experience and event more relevant for the students, parents decided on ‘Superheroes’ as the theme of Carnival 2021.

The day was full of fun activities, including the multi-cuisine parents-run food stalls from across the country, serving gourmet food from all over the world. The food fiesta in the Carnival was a gastronomic treat that brought various cultures together. The stalls included scrumptious Punjabi food, Rajasthan snacks, as well as Korean, Chinese, and Thai offerings and much more. The multicultural cuisines on display reflected the diverse parent body’s incredibly hard work, skills, and generous spirit of community and togetherness. All the items at the stalls were free so that everyone could enjoy the fullest.

Besides food, the other highlight of the event were games, music and a vibrantly decorated space. The school had limited the participation for this year due to Covid-19. Despite that around thousands of people attended the Carnival. To ensure safety and hygiene school followed all the Covid protocols.

Wandering around the school grounds on Carnival Day, one could feel the vibe of the place, which was enlivened by the myriad expressions of the student community. Some were enjoying themselves on the dance floor, showing off their jiving skills, while younger ones concentrated on winning games at various stalls, and the little ones’ had their faces immersed in the cotton wool of candy-floss. The more intellectual ones tried out their scientific acumen by defying gravity, appearing completely exhilarated, floating three balloons for a minute in the air. Besides the fun experience, the game cleverly encouraged exploratory ideas to understand and engage with the concept. The initiatives of enthusiastic learners were also worth praising. A primary student excitedly manned a stall selling artwork created by the inmates of Tihar Jail, aiming for interesting gifts at the Hoopla stall, trying their luck in the sandpit and encouraging the community to buy Christmas and New year cards.

The empathetic culture was also visible in the effort put in by the Interact Club of Pathways School Noida. It is an association led by the student body mentored by the Interact coordinators who profess the power of service above self. Interact is Rotary International’s service club for young people aged 12 to 18 who work towards building a community based on compassion, integrity, togetherness and humanity. The club takes up various community service projects that promote national and international understanding and goodwill.

To aid the community service projects every year, the club members organize numerous fundraisers. One such celebrated annual fundraising event is the Christmas Carnival. The Interact Club students, along with student volunteers from the school and parents, come forward and participate wholeheartedly by putting up numerous game and food stalls to raise funds for a charity of their choice. The funds raised during the Carnival are used to support Responsenet Development Services along with other community service initiatives.

Pathways School Noida has a strong belief that human connection is the foundation of a healthy organization. As soon as a student joins the school, it is not only the learning partnership that is emphasized. Rather the school also encourages parent participation on various occasions. The school believes that the parent’s community is an integral part of the Pathways family.