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Premium Menswear Brand ‘Kingdom of White’ Arrives in Lucknow!

Presenting an exquisite range of white apparel ranging from resort wear to classics, the brand spreads its undying Love for White and adds to the timeless elegance of the City of Nawabs

Kingdom of White, an illustrious premium menswear brand built on a simple yet profound philosophy – For the Love of White – now has a store in Lucknow. On a mission to bring the classic Kingdom of White experience closer to fashion enthusiasts across cities in India, the brand is set to spread its charm in the City of Nawabs. A city popular for its rich tapestry of culture and heritage, Lucknow is a perfect destination to further unleash the brand’s timeless appeal.

Located on the 1st floor of Lucknow’s Lulu Mall, the store houses the brand’s latest collection that draws inspiration from culture on a global level. It showcases prints and designs that traverse borders, celebrating a variety of narratives that can be woven into a single colour – White. From breezy resort wear to sophisticated classic styles and luxurious linen to cool cottons, every piece tells a story, capturing the brand’s passion for curating the finest white apparel and emphasizing the transformative power of fashion.

Commenting on the store launch, Team Kingdom of White said, “We, at Kingdom of White, are very excited to have made it to Lucknow! It’s a city that has a timeless charm like no other. As a fashion brand that stands by its undying love for white and classics, Kingdom of White has found a true match in the City of Nawabs. With our brand-new store at Lulu Mall, we are committed to offering luxurious, premium-grade apparel in white – a colour that, much like this city, forever retains its appeal and never goes out of style.”

The thoughtfully curated collection at the Lucknow store ranges from INR 749 to INR 3499. Kingdom of White also has a store in Bangalore and ships across India.