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PVR Deploys A Revolutionary Technology That Makes Cinema Air 99.9% Safe From All Viruses

PVR Cinemas is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring the well-being of its guests and address any concern related to covid virus including new variants by deploying a revolutionary ion technology that neutralizes 99.9% airborne viruses. The negative ion generator devices are installed at key locations inside cinemas including the auditoriums where the guests spend the maximum time. PVR is the first and only cinema chain in the world to deploy this technology.

This is the only device designed for cinemas and has been successfully tested on SARS Covid-2 virus at ICMR recognised and Dubai Central labs. It offers real-time air sterilisation by using non-chemical negative ION generator that discharges up to 100 trillion negative ions per cm3 / second providing a 360-degree protection.

This new technology is part of PVR’s enhanced safety initiative ‘PVR Cares’ that ensures that cinemas are safe in every possible way for both guests and staff across every touch point in their cinema journey.

The company continues to maintain stringent hygiene protocols and measures mandated by the Government and even going beyond them and consistently deliver the same memorable moments to movie goers in the post pandemic world.

Talking about making Cinemas safer, Mr. Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Limited said, “The country has reached a sustained endemic state and audiences have resumed their big screen movie watching experience supported by a robust content pipeline. It is a very heart-warming development for us and goes to show that our patrons are satisfied with the safety measures adopted. However, there is still a section of consumers who have stayed away from the big screen on the apprehensions of safety and deploying this technology helps us to address their concerns.’’