Rentokil Initial Extends Support To India’s Frontline Workers, Gifts PPE Kits Worth £2.5m

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Mumbai: Rentokil Initial, the world’s leading pest control and hygiene services provider, as part of its commitment to support India’s efforts to combat Covid-19, has shipped PPE worth £2.5m to India to aid relief effort.

The shipment includes coveralls, face masks, gloves, hand soap and sanitiser with dispensers. The PPE will be sent to more than 500 hospitals and frontline workers across the country.  The distribution will be done by Rentokil Initial’s Indian subsidiary Rentokil PCI.

David Lewis, Managing Director of Rentokil PCI, said: “Frontline health workers, like our very own technicians, have been at the forefront of this pandemic and we have seen some exemplary work and sacrifice being made.  At Rentokil PCI we aim to protect and enhance lives and we feel proud to be able to help the people of India in this hour of crisis. As a company that has operated in India for more than 65 years, it is our responsibility to support the frontline health workers with ready supply of PPE kits.

“At Rentokil PCI, we believe that being a responsible organization is the right thing to do. We wish to recognize the efforts the front line workers put in and hope this will help them,” he added.While priority will be given to Covid Hospitals, many non covid hospitals will also receive the PPE kits.

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