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Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films presents ‘Man Woman Man Woman’, an unconventional tale of love, dating and relationships across two generations

Written & directed by Naseeruddin Shah, the film navigates a series of twists and turns that lead to one popular sentiment: love conquers all

New Delhi: Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films in association with Motley Movies and Trigger Productions announced the release of their latest short film titled ‘Man Woman Man Woman’ today. Written and directed by the legendary actor-filmmaker Naseeruddin Shah, the 26-minute film presents a unique story of love and companionship across two generations. Starring Ratna Pathak Shah, Tarun Dhanrajgir, Saba Azad and Vivaan Shah, the film aptly depicts the complexities of relationships in the modern world.

Set in contemporary times, ‘Man Woman Man Woman’ unravels a seemingly complex plot in a light-hearted manner. It navigates the dating lives of two couples who have a lot in common but eventually find themselves at a crossroads. As their stories unfold, the film captures the essence of unconditional love, romantic and familial, that charms the viewer in more ways than one. Ultimately, following a series of funny coincidences, the film delivers a profound message that is not unheard of yet extraordinary: love conquers all.

Speaking about the film, writer-director Naseeruddin Shah shared, “I am very glad to be releasing my short film with Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films. ‘Man Woman Man Woman’ is a story of love, sans conditions. It is an attempt to show how uncomplicated relationships can be when love is the guiding light. I hope the audience finds some inspiration in it.”

Actor Ratna Pathak Shah said, “Naseer had a clear vision about how he wants the story to unfold and we all had a wonderful time working towards that vision. ‘Man Woman Man Woman’ is a beautiful depiction of the unconventional dynamics in modern-day relationships. I loved being a part of it.”

Actor Tarun Dhanrajgir added, “Together with a stellar cast and the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films banner, I had a wonderful experience working on this film. It is a unique love story told through the lens of the brilliant actor-director Naseeruddin Shah. I’m sure the audience will love it.”

Actress Saba Azad said, “Working with Naseer saab as my director and Ratna ma’am as my on-screen mother was a dream come true. While his guidance allowed me to understand my character in a nuanced manner, her grace helped me be at ease on set. Needless to say, being a part this film and the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films platform has been a truly memorable experience.”

Actor Vivaan Shah said, “This film is extra special because it’s been directed by my father and my mother was one of my co-actors! Nothing beats that. It’s a beautiful film featuring some of the most beautiful actors and even more beautiful characters. Kudos to Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films for promoting creativity and originality in storytelling. I can’t wait to see the viewers’ reaction.”

‘Man Woman Man Woman’ will premier exclusively on Royal Stag Barrel Select’s Large Short Films YouTube Channel, a platform to watch the most original and inspiring short films featuring some of the finest actors and directors in India.

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