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‘Sizzling ‘Chingari’ song spreads like fire on social media; garners 100M+ views

Chingari, India’s most popular short-video platform, is as excited as Salman Khan fans for the movie Antim, that will be released today. The Chingari song that’s high on entertainment, has already garnered 100M+ views on the Chingari app along with other leading social media platforms.

The feet-tapping number that saw Waluscha De Sousa sizzle on the traditional ‘Lavani’ tune stole millions of hearts on social media, while reviving the oldest folk dance that has been the pride of Maharashtra. The idea of associating with the Chingari team for this song was to reach out to the masses across the expanse of India and make people aware of this graceful regional folk dance.

The music and dance form successfully gained great popularity as the Chingari platform has had vast experience of executing excellent regional associations / campaigns and are known for their creative content and their loyal viewers from across India, that make the app a diverse platform in the short video format. Chingari has been aggressively associating with regional content makers across India in order to promote the culture and talent that India is known for. With Antim’s ‘Chingari’ song’s success, the Chingari team has once again proved that the platform can offer great success in creating buzz for brands, movies and music labels, while also promoting the brilliant stars of India.

Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari App, said, “At Chingari we always look at associations that will not only benefit the brands and companies, but will also help generate creative opportunities for the new generation of very talented influencers that have been associated with Chingari. We are very excited for the way things are planned and we are looking forward to executing many such projects in the future with the support or our creator community.”

Mr. Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App, stated “Chingari is known for giving regional talent a national platform. With the traditional ‘Lavani’ too, our intent was the same – To take the beauty of one of the most-graceful dance forms of India and reintroduce it to the younger audiences across India. Thus, giving our creators an opportunity to make something innovative & exciting, and continue reliving the culture of the nation.

Deepak added, “The Lavani has already been a big hit amongst the youth. Seeing them dance to its tunes has definitely given us the pride of celebrating the folk dance at its utmost glory.”