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“Sonata Unveils Its Vibrant Spring & Summer 2024 Collection with Poze”

~ Celebrating Fresh Trends and Timeless Elegance~

Poze by Sonata, the sub-brand known for blending contemporary fashion with timeless watchmaking, proudly announces its latest collection for Spring & Summer 2024. This season, Poze by Sonata unveils a captivating array of colors and styles, drawing inspiration from the vibrant palette of spring and the golden glow of summer sunsets. Featuring a contemporary blend of colors, plating, and forms, the collection encompasses the latest fashion trends, including serious blacks, chocolate browns, Millennial Pinks, and Bold Metallics.

Crafted with precision and care, the new collection caters to trendsetters and fashion enthusiasts of all genders, offering a variety of watches that speak to their unique style narratives. Each piece in the collection not only reflects Poze’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship but also resonates with the desires of the modern consumer to stand out in their social circles. Catering to the dynamic lifestyle of today’s generation, Poze by Sonata ensures that fashion-forward individuals can effortlessly capture their moments on the go. The collection embodies the belief that the moment transcends the individual, making each moment a fashion statement with these exquisite timepieces.

“With a focus on quality, accessibility, and trendsetting designs, we continue to deliver timepieces that are not just accessories but essential parts of our customers’ daily lives and expressions of their personal style. Keeping in mind the same, our Spring & Summer 2024 collection is designed to complement the dynamic lifestyles of our customers,” says Prateek Gupta, Head of Brand – Sonata.

Embodying the essence of the Gen Z and Zillennial mindset, this campaign captures the essence of global fashion trends at accessible price points for today’s youth and redefines traditional views of photographic perfection. It celebrates the idea that every moment, no matter how imperfect, is inherently worthy of being captured. In a digital era dominated by short-form content platforms like reels and shorts, the campaign inspires individuals to embrace their spontaneity and authenticity and encourages them to #DontPauseToPoze, urging them to capture life as it happens, unfiltered and unapologetically real.

Priced between INR 695 and INR 1695, the Spring and Summer collection from Poze by Sonata is now available on Sonata’s official website and at retail outlets across India.

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