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SuperTeacher Fosters ‘Edupreneurship’ Among Teachers

Builds a powerful online platform for teaching and personal branding

Mumbai : SuperTeacher, a holistic online teaching platform, enables teachers to launch their websites and grow their teaching business. The SuperTeacher platform has been built by an enthusiastic team of IIT/MIT graduates, who have worked closely with over 250 institutions and 10,000+ teachers.

SuperTeacher provides the teachers with a customized website and app, which carries their logo and brand name. This helps them expand their reach through various channels, where the app links can be circulated to establish their personal brand and get discovered by students across multiple regions. As a result, teachers see an increase in student enrolments and revenue.

The solutions offered by SuperTeacher are based on a deep understanding of the requirements of teachers. In an independent survey, it has been observed that 84% of teachers use basic video conferencing tools to teach online. These tools are tedious to manage, and they offer little scope to increase interaction and engagement within an online class. On the other hand, the SuperTeacher app makes it easy to schedule and conduct online classes. Teachers can schedule multiple classes for multiple batches effortlessly, without the need to share links every time. These online classes are fully equipped with features like quizzes, polls, leaderboards, and virtual simulations. Teachers can use these tools to make classes fun, engaging, and interactive.

The survey has also shown that 94% of teachers share assignments and receive submissions in multiple formats like PDFs and PPTs over WhatsApp and email. SuperTeacher simplifies the process of creating and administering assignments.

Another important feature through which SuperTeacher empowers teachers is automated fee collection. When it comes to fees, teachers often face a psychological barrier. They see themselves as educators and are not comfortable with transactional tasks like reminding students to pay fees. SuperTeacher alleviates this problem through an automated fee management system.

Elaborating on what SuperTeacher has in store, Rajshekhar Ratrey, Senior Vice President, Product, SuperTeacher, says, “SuperTeacher is taking a 360-degree approach at addressing teachers’ needs in all aspects. It provides technology for conducting online classes while simplifying administrative tasks. It educates teachers with best practices, offers upskilling and certifications, and helps them build their own brand. We are not just offering an app, but helping them to be upskilled Edupreneurs”.

SuperTeacher already has 2000+ teachers registered on the platform since its nationwide launch last month. By next year, SuperTeacher plans to onboard 10 lakh teachers all over India.