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This Shravan lift your fasting spirits with crunchy Mother’s Recipe Potato & Sabudana Papad

The month of Shravan is important for Indians and its arrival is connected to monsoons. As per the traditional Hindu calendar, the month of Shravan which commences in July and lasts till the end of August is considered the most auspicious month of the year. Dedicated to seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva, this period is sacred and heralds the season of prayers, fasting, and festivals. During Shravan, people keep fast and are very particular about the food they consume. Many Indian women fast on Mondays and make different fasting food along with regular meals at home. During this time, they prefer fasting food options and restrict themselves to single meals. Keeping in line with the tradition during the fasting season, Mother’s Recipe adds a crispy and flavorful twist by offering delicious Potato and Sabudana Papad.

Mother’s Recipe special ready-to-fry fasting papads are delicious snacks. Sabudana papad is made especially for fasting as it is seasoned with Sendha Namak (Rock Salt) instead of regular salt.  Sendha namak is considered a pure salt which makes them ideal during fasting. Sabudana is one of the favorites for most people who are fasting. Fasting is a time when you need to keep yourself nutritionally in check too, loaded with carbs, sabudana helps to refuel us. Mother’s Recipe papads are unique in many ways – the authentic taste, combined with ingredients of the highest quality and modern hygienic process, enhances your fasting meal and snack times. The company’s R&D team has gone through numerous trials to arrive at the perfect crunchy taste. The preparation method is easy as you can fry this papad in the oil of your choice. Papads are also a great snacking option for children as they relish and enjoy eating them.

Since food plays an integral part in all celebrations Mother’s Recipe offers a variety of Indian culinary ranges for every season and festival. Mother’s Recipe’s current product portfolio consists of Pickles, Cooking Paste, Instant mixes, Indian Chutneys, Papads, Ready to cook, Ready to eat, and newly added Global Exotic Sauces. These products are made carefully curated based on the current demands of the market.  For this auspicious month of Shravan, Mother’s Recipe has a special offer on both Potato and Sabudana fasting papads  .