Toothpaste tablet beats toothpaste

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DENTTABS takes second place in the major toothpaste test by Consumentenbond, the Dutch consumer safety group. The toothpaste tablets perform 89% better than the 18 best-selling toothpastes and are tops in the  “abrasive effect” and “packaging” categories.  

“It is remarkable that DENTTABS stands up to the pastes,” Consumentenbond also marvels at their own results. In addition to its enamel-friendly abrasive effect,  DENTTABS scores highly for its packaging: “The DENTTABS tablets score best in this respect,” says Consumentenbond. Further bonus points: Critical ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, limonene or microplastics are not present in  DENTTABS – unlike many toothpastes available to consumers.  

Fluoride as an anti-caries agent: Full score for DENTTABS 

For the test, 2400 tubes of fluoride-containing toothpastes were purchased and tested. Fluoride plays an important role in caries prophylaxis. This is where  DENTTABS toothpaste tablets score full marks: The combination of fluoride and the polishing effect of cellulose provides excellent protection for tooth enamel. “We are pleased to compete against big names such as Sensodyne, Colgate, and Aquafresh,”  says Axel Kaiser, founder of DENTTABS. “DENTTABS is thus proven to be beneficial  not only for the environment but also for our health.”  

A total of nine European partners participated in the test. The results can be read in the February issue of Consumentengid, the print magazine of Consumentenbond.  Click here for the online version (in Dutch only):  Consumentenbond is the largest Dutch consumer organization that investigates and compares goods and services from different suppliers.

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