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Top 5 EV Charging Brands to look out in 2022

Currently, the EV industry is experiencing a technological transformation aiming to improve the vehicle range and enhancing charging infrastructure. The EV manufacturing companies spend tons of capital and energy on charging stations infrastructure development to promote long-range battery vehicles. By 2027, the EV charging stations business can reach an estimated $29.7 billion, at a CAGR of 39.8% between 2020-2027.

The Top 5 EV Charging Brands to look out in 2022:

SemaConnect – SemaConnect, established in 2008, is the second largest provider of EV Charging Solutions in the US. For over a decade, SemaConnect has installed over 15,000 charging stations in North America, while it’s IT development, R&D and manufacturing is based out of India. With this legacy, the company has entered the Indian market in 2021. SemaConnect is one of the few OCPP certified EV Charging solutions providers in India.

Along with the Charging stations, SemaConnect also offers a comprehensive cloud-based technology solution for managing charging station infrastructure including the setup of rules, pricing plans, load balancing & fleet management features and a Mobile App to enable payments for end users.

 Volttic – Volttic is a Noida-based Electric Vehicle Charging business. The company offers mobile for Electric Vehicle drivers and also a dashboard for the charging station owners, integrating its cloud-based backend server. The organisation is currently operational in major cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, and Bengaluru and serves organizations like McKinsey, HP, JP Morgan, and Fidelity. It also develops smart, safe & robust EV Charging Network for all categories of EV & Charging Protocols.

Magenta Power – ChargeGrid – Magenta Power started in 2017 and is deeply focused on producing, dispensing, and managing clean energy. They offer charging service in commercial spaces, residential complexes, malls, offices, & hotels. The company is covering 50+ charging stations across 8 cities in India.

Tata Power –  A popular subsidiary of Tata Sons, “Tata Motors,” has partnered with TATA Power to set up 300+ fast-charging stations over diverse cities across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. It completes end-to-end Services, from Captive Charger Installations to Maintenance. These include for Cars and Buses. They are currently operational with 85+ charging points in TATA Power with 40+ in Mumbai, and the remaining nine states.

Ather – Founded in 2013, Bengaluru-based company that developed the first smart scooter of India called Ather 450. The company serves its innovative services at public places like malls, offices, and restaurants. Ather provides 30+ charging areas in Bengaluru and more than 10 locations in Chennai. They are in plan to expand the network to 30 cities over India.

The electric vehicle is the fastest-growing segment of the automotive industry. EVs not only reduce the emissions that add to environmental change and smog, improving public health, but also reduces ecological damage. It is evident that investing in a trustworthy, experienced installer is an investment in safety and regulatory compliance not only for you but for your car, your home and others around you too.