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Welcome to the Kai, a buoyant and mellow cafe and lounge, Garden Galleria Mall, second floor

New Delhi : The Kai invites you to a buoyant and laid-back cafe-cum-lounge where you along with your friends and family can have an elated time with ecstatic food and contended light-hearted music. With increasing work pressure throughout the week and the hassles of commuting, it takes a toll on all of us to experience the culinary brilliance of the place.   Located on the second floor of Garden Galleria Mall, The Kai has its roots tied to New Zealand, where Kai means food. The further ancestral meaning derived from Maori, from Melanesian pidgin “kaikai” from which “Kai” was coined. Yes, you’re stepping into the world of, literally, food! Which includes some lip-smacking cuisines from all across the globe. Gorge over Continental, Mediterranean, Italian, and of course, Indian dishes are all prepared to pamper your mood and to enrich your tastebuds & let you gulp your food easier, the place has a list of thirst-quenching beverages.

You’re guaranteed to fall in love with everything that lands on your plate and into your mouth with the best staff serving you.

Inspired with Greek, bohemian style the lounge has a modern ambiance and interior decoration you will surely experience as you teleported to an enchanting introspective environment and an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, with a view to boo.

If that is still not magnetic enough to pull you all the way in, then you’ll be stupefied with the unique wood-fired pizzas we prepare for life, which you feast with your eyes before you feast with your tongue.

We forgot about your ears, didn’t we? We didn’t. From budding artists to your favorite bands, you will hear the fusions, originals, remixes, and a blend of every kind of song you’ve been humming on your way to our haven.

So next time you are exploring the best spot, you know where to go to satiate your hunger and cure the hangover.