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World Environment Day – How Indian Companies are taking initiative to make the world a better place

Companies like Nestle, Nerolac, IG International,  and others have taken initiatives towards sustainability

Global Warming has been a biggest concern in recent years. Rise in temperature, uncertain rainfalls, landslides are few visible results of global warming. Climate change is one of the major concerns we all should be worried about. Different companies Like Nestle, Nerolac, IG International, Havells have taken ESG initiatives to do their part in making the world a better place.

According to Crisil’s ESG risk assessment of 586 Indian companies for fiscal 2022, only 14 were placed in the leadership category, with 73 in the ‘below average’ and ‘weak’ categories. Around 108 companies were in the ‘strong’ category, the report showed.

The brands noticed that in order to grow sustainably they’ll have to take some measures for overall growth. ESG initiative enables them to grow in all aspects. IG International is looking to make a 70% transition to renewable energy by 2027 with 25% reduction in energy consumption by 2025. Also, a 100% reduction in carbon footprint by 2023 will be done by IG international.

Environmental change carries significant environmental and financial risk. So protecting the environment and protecting our investments go hand in hand. New age consumers are turning towards sustainable brands and are environment-friendly.