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Yamamay kicks off the new year with an explosion of Freshness

Yamamay kicks off the new year with an explosion of freshness, with a dedicated section added to the Yamamay Basic collection, along with a preview of the Spring 2021 collection. The underwear drawer is updated with a new look and the wardrobe is given a breath of fresh air. A beautiful, innovative collection, designed to be sexy, but above all extremely functional, is rendered suitable for every body type and every need. The products in the Yamamay Basic collection are both practical and comfortable, helping you to feel comfortable with yourself and your body, enhancing your assets and boosting your self-image. Basic lingerie breaks away from its purely functional nature to become the star of the wardrobe, a force in the service of beauty and seduction for women.

The shots are photographed between white sheets to convey a sense of purity, returning to an authentic, homely, everyday setting imbued with warmth, but also combined with the courage to let go of appearances, to look in the mirror and appreciate yourself for who you really are.

The models Giulia Accardi and Sofia Harmanda, with their Mediterranean sensuality, interpret the pieces from the women’s collection, modelling bras, bodysuits, briefs, culottes and leggings from the Basic collection, but also pajamas in neutral tones, designed for everyday use and comfortable jumpsuits from the spring collection. Paul Ferrari, on the other hand, showcases the men’s collection consisting of boxers, briefs, T-shirts and pajamas.  

High-quality fibers, comfortable fits and lightweight materials are the common features of the entire Basic collection, which is divided into 8 main lines for women: Althea, Antibacterial Cotton, Ginger, Innergy, Orchidea, Principessa, Space and Sculpt, plus the Primula set in seasonal blush pink and forest green, which has always been a best-seller in the Yamamay collections.

The Sculpt, Space and Althea lines are all made from quality Sensitive® Fabrics by Eurojersey containing premium LYCRA® fiber. Being a collection designed for everyday wear, a basic color palette has been selected: white, black, natural (in different shades), pink-beige and bronze. 

The collection is available at Yamamay store at Select CITYWALK.