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5 affordable Feminine Hygiene brands making periods hassle-free for women

If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is how to be hygiene cautious. Whether it’s personal hygiene, oral hygiene, intimate hygiene or menstrual hygiene, it is never a good idea to compromise with your hygiene standards no matter where you are. Being mindful of your hygiene practices can keep diseases and infections away and leave you feeling refreshed and clean.

Poor menstrual hygiene can cause pain and discomfort to menstruating women as lack of menstrual hygiene and sanitation can lead to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Yeast infection, Cervical cancer, and Hepatitis B infection. It is crucial to encourage young girls and menstruating women to maintain menstrual hygiene and provide them with safe and clean toilets to change their sanitary napkins every 4-6 hours. 

Considering the hassle periods bring along, below is a list of 5 affordable and easily accessible feminine hygiene brands in India that are making periods hassle-free for women:

1.            PeeBuddy Disposable Toilet Seat Covers

 It took several decades for our country to recognize the importance of a toilet however, we still need to improve the quality of our toilet hygiene even today. If you hate using public toilets while commuting in flights, train, highways, hotels, or while traveling long-distance away from home, PeeBuddy’s Disposable Toilet Seat Covers are a must-have for you. PeeBuddy’s Disposable Toilet Seat Covers are waterproof, flushable, convenient & hygienic, and can be used on any common toilet to ensure zero contact with germs, bacteria, and other people’s pee. 

2.            Comfy Snug Fit Sanitary Napkins

Until a few decades ago, women in India were reported to use dried cow dung cakes, old rags, mud, and even ash to absorb menstrual blood. These regressive practices affected women’s health and daily lifestyle causing UTI and other infections. Comfy Snug Fit sanitary napkins by Amrutanjan Health Care Ltd strives to offer hygienic menstruation solutions to cloth users at the most affordable prices. Comfy Snug Fit sanitary pads contain imported North American pulp that make the sanitary napkins soft and safe to use. Comfy sanitary napkins are easily accessible at the most affordable prices for all menstruating women even in rural India.

3.            Sirona Sanitary Disposable Bags

Safely disposing used sanitary and hygiene products is as important as using them. These disposable bags by Sirona are ideal for clean and discreet disposal of intimate and sanitary products including sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, baby diapers, condoms, and more. These Oxo Biodegradable bags are tamper and tear proof with built in glue that seal perfectly with no leakage or odor.

4.            Nua Cramp Comfort Heat Patches for Period Pain

Society conditions women to accept period pain as a “way of life” while they are growing up. Period cramps are a public health concern affecting women’s physical, as well as emotional ability to participate in day-to-day activities. Period cramps occur due to the uterus muscles contracting and relaxing to cause a sharp, throbbing ache in the lower abdomen and back that may also reach the upper legs. Nua’s Cramp Comfort is an air-activated, self-heating patch made of natural ingredients that relaxes muscles for maximum relief from period pain for up to 8 hours. The portable and discreet design makes Nua Cramp Comfort Heat Patches easy to carry and convenient to use.