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5 ideas to level-up your gifting game this festive season

‘Tis the season to wrack your brain for the perfect presents for your loved ones and we’ve got you covered! From, unique board games to quirky décor accents, raise the bar with these offbeat and creative gifts from the house of Bira 91. Say goodbye to passé presents and get used to being called everyone’s favourite gifter this season. Bonus? They won’t break the bank!

Field of Wheat Coasters

A picture containing cloth, bed, bedclothes, fabric Description automatically generatedCoasters are arguably one of the most underrated table accessories. So, get ready to score major brownie points with this Bira 91 x Nicobar range! Cast in brass with a soft gold finish and engraved with dragonflies, wheat straws, and a cute little Bira mascot, these coasters make for an aesthetic and functional addition to any party.

Get it here for INR 1,250/-

Get Set Boom Wall Opener

A picture containing text Description automatically generatedThis eye-catching wall opener is guaranteed to give you bragging rights for the rest of the party season. Let your guests get the full experience of cracking open a cold-one with a quirky wall bottle opener that also makes for vibrant décor!

Get it here for INR 1,299/-

Bira 91 Gold Ice Bucket

A picture containing cup, tableware Description automatically generatedIf nothing is a bigger buzz kill to you than warm beer at day parties, this one’s for you! This rustic wooden ice bucket is a great addition to your home bar. Holding up to 6 pints or cans, we highly recommend this handy present and hey, it makes for great statement accessory too!

Get it here for INR 1,999/-

A Swanky Growler

Become everyone’s favorite party host this season with this uber cool bar accessory. Holding up to 1.5 litres of beer and featuring an airtight cap, this growler is perfect to fetch beer from your local brewery and serve fresh at your house parties. This gift is bound to get your loved ones start their hydration resolutions early this season (it doesn’t matter what kind!)

Get it here for INR 999/-

Tumbling Tower

What is a festive party without some fun drinking games? They are a terrific way to break the ice and let the good times roll. Double up the fun with this vibrant version of Jenga. This set also comes with unique challenges for each block, taking the game to a whole new level!

Get it here for INR 1,499/-