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60,000 Twitterati campaigned for MemeChat to be the preferred choice of Mobile App

#OneAppMemeChat trends on Twitter

New Delhi: In the hue of trending controversies from Netizens all over the country, MemeChat, a meme creating social networking app enjoyed a share of positive upheaval as it ranked 3rd on Twitter trends and reached over 2 lakh people with the hashtag #OneAppMemeChat. The hashtag trended on Twitter recently with more than 2500 tweets as most users tweeted about MemeChat and its features being their favorite application. The tweets received a response from more than 60,000 Twitterati.

A recently started Twitter trend – ‘#One___”, where people were naming their one favorite brand, artist, sport, song, movie among others, stated their favorite meme-making app to be is MemeChat. Few of the users even stated their reasons for liking the application and how they enjoy their experience in joining the meme community.

Speaking on this trend, Mr. Taaran Chanana, Managing Director & Co-Founder of MemeChat, said, “With a sole focus on user experience, we value our memers and their integrity towards us. We always strive towards creating groundbreaking user-friendly features that enhance the experience of creating memes online.”

Some of the popular tweets were, “This is amazing. Create memes and earn money. All possible with OneAppMemeChat” & “This Dusherra say goodbye to empty pockets. Because memes will fill your pockets. Earn money on OneAppMemeChat.” MemeChat has over 1 million+ downloads, more than 850k+ monthly active users, and about 12 million memes on the platform making it one of its own kind of homegrown applications.