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Airmeet Set to Maximise Attendee Engagement with Gamified Leaderboard

Bangalore : With the vision to drive audience engagement Airmeet, a one of its kind near to real virtual events hosting platform, today launched ‘Attendee Leaderboard’ – a unique feature designed to track event engagement and reward the most active attendees. The feature will automatically curate a list ranking attendees on a point-based engagement system that organisers can pre-establish using a gamified approach.

Created to solve the persistent engagement challenge faced by event organizers, the leaderboard will inculcate an element of ‘FUN,’ enabling organizers to encourage their most loyal and proactive attendees.  The attendee leaderboard will let organizers award points to specific sets of actions or activities which an attendee performs during the event. Adding a gamified element to the event will make the event more exciting for audiences, encouraging active participation.

Talking about the addition of the leaderboard,Lalit Mangal, CEO and Co- Founder, Airmeet said, “Airmeet has been driving innovation in the industry since its very inception. We strongly believe in introducing features that make the event experience seamless and engaging for organizers and attendees. In the past, our social lounge and varied networking offerings have received positive acclaim from our audience, and we hope to continue that trend with leaderboard. These are designed for hosts to keep track of attendee participation and incentivize the whole experience for the audience, encouraging them to be involved in the ongoing event wholeheartedly. It is a win-win if you ask me.”

The attendee leaderboard is expected to be immensely beneficial for a variety of events including the likes of trade fairs, networking events, webinars  and town halls. Gamifying the entire experience can boost attendees to participate by giving them something to look forward to. Users enjoy the stimulus of earning points correlating with different aspects of the event. For example, they could be allotted points for participating in a conversation during a networking event, or for joining a table or completing their full profile. Similarly, at trade fairs they could earn extra points for visiting booths or for asking questions during a town hall or for session attendance in webinars.

Gamification through leaderboard will keep users  hooked to their seats, increase absorption of shared information and also enhance attention to detail.Furthermore, leaderboard will add value to networking events by encouraging conversations between participants.  Additionally, event organisers will have  an opportunity to interact with the audience, to take feedback, gauge interest and uncover their learning as event takeaways. Similarly, the feature will also prove advantageous for event strategists and marketers as they would be able to map candidates with the highest participation during the event. Additionally, since event organizers can configure the points system on their own, they can predefine rewards and prizes for top attendees to keep things exciting till the very end.