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‘AMA Herbal launches ‘Vegetal Safe Colour’, a 100% natural hair colour’

  • Offers 3 exciting shades variants starting at Rs 265/- suitable for all ages
  • AMA Herbal continues to remain committed to sustainability and providing eco friendly solutions

Delhi : Anchored at the core principle of natural, sustainable and eco-friendly products, AMA Herbal Laboratories today announced the launch of ‘Vegetal Safe Colour’, India’s most potent natural hair colouring solution. With in-depth research and 100% natural formulations, AMA Herbal has prepared the best combination with 9 bio-active ingredients complementing the need of hair colour, hair growth and medicinal properties.

Vegetal Safe Colour has undergone stringent quality tests with international Labs like SGS Laboratories and ECOCERT and has been certified for its quality & authenticity.

“In our continued endeavour to build upon our capabilities in offering natural solutions, we are pleased to launch ‘Vegetal Safe Colour’. Now the customers can colour their hair in a 100% natural way. With zero chemicals, Vegetal Safe Colour is all set to rise to the occasion of natural and eco friendly solution that is free from chemical-based hair products containing – PPD, Ammonia and Hydrogen peroxide etc.  ‘Vegetal Safe Colour’ also provides natural protein protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays and pollution, while fighting dandruff and making hair shiny.” AMA Herbal Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Yawer Ali Shah said.

Vegetal Safe Color has been made from select herbs extracts and natural proteins to nourish the hair and the scalp.The 9 bio-active ingredients include, acacia concinna (shikakai); bacopa monnieri (brahmi); emblica officinalis (amla); acacia catechu (kattha); eclipta alba (bhringraj); coffea arabica; ribiacordfolia (manjistha);lawsoniainermis (henna) &indigoferatinetoria (indigo). Along with these there are many other natural ingredients added and together, they create an allergy free hair dye solution.

While elaborating more on the chemical-based hair dyes which are available in the market, Mr. Shah said, “Chemical hair dyes contain PPD (p-phenylenediamine) which has been considered a great hazard as they tend to cause acute, sub-acute hair dye allergy and chronic dermatitis. Prolonged use of chemical-based hair dyes may lead to irreversible damage to the protein structure and fractures the hair shaft leading to dull, brittle, untimely grey and unmanageable hair. Many times, ammonia-free hair colors are mistaken as natural hair colors, which they are not. They contain many other chemicals which are just as dangerous. On the other hand our product, Vegetal Safe Colour is made of the same formulation as Vegetal Bio Color, which is the world’s 1st PPD free hair color in dark shades. Vegetal Safe Colour is also 100% natural and ammonia free.”

Since 2004, AMA Herbal Laboratories has carved a niche as an innovator in organic and natural products, including 100% natural hair colors. Vegetal Safe Colour is an ideal product for grey hair coverage, itchy and sensitive scalp and people prone to skin allergies.

The main ingredients of Vegetal Hair Color include indigo, henna, shikakai and bhringraj, thus making it suitable for all age groups, including teenagers for a healthy and lustrous hair.

Vegetal Safe Color is hair coloring treatment based on 100% ‘Natural and Ayurvedic Formulation’ that indulges hair in the ‘Natural, Traditional and Ancient Way of India’.

Available in an affordable price band of Rs 265 and Rs 540, Vegetal Safe Color is for everyone. It comes in three exciting shades of Soft Black, Dark Brown and Burgundy.