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Ananda, the latest festive collection by Gargee Designers is all about colours of love

Gargee Designer’s has launched a new festive collection Ananda – all about colours of love by Gargee Designers. As the world begins to recover from the impact of the pandemic, consumers are connecting with unapologetically upbeat colors that bring a sense of much needed optimism and joy.

The collection is a celebration of the colour of love. It is meant to depict passion and appreciate the beauty of life. Ravi Gupta has carefully selected colours such as blue, red, green and yellow from the new growth in the gardens. All creations are inspired by nature and have blooming flowers, budding flora and an abundance in the detailing.

The appetite for neutrals grew expediently during the pandemic as consumers wanted to feel protected and grounded. However, with the return of travel, socialising, in-person events and reconnecting with loved ones, consumers’ appetite for bold, bright colors has returned as they feel they can now finally dress for an occasion.