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Binge Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Celebrate Happiness Day with your loved ones

~ Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air on Comedy Central from 18th to 20th March ~

Comedy Central is all set to take you on an exciting journey this Happiness Day by taking you on a hilarious binge-fest. All Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans unite and mark your calendars already! Comedy Central brings a hearty dose of laughter to your television screens this entire weekend from 18th to 20th March!

Let’s take a look at the highlights that make Brooklyn Nine-Nine iconic!

An Unforgettable Party

Expect the unexpected with Brooklyn Nine-Nine! In one of the top-rated episodes of the show, Kevin invites the squad to a party at Captain Holt’s house. A paranoid Terry warns everyone to behave properly with a special focus on Jake to avoid any embarrassment. Expect to watch Gina get all the attention she wants, Boyle discovering a love interest, Jake tries to act intelligently, and Scully trying to enliven things with his singing! This episode is a fan favourite for a reason!

Halloween Heist

The Halloween heist is easily one of the most brilliant and funny episodes of all seasons. The crazy twists and turns will have the audience glued to their television screens. The heist became iconic and easily made for a high point every season!

Arch-nemeses or BFFs?

Doug Judy is known to make every episode gold! The beginning of this iconic friendship is in the episode where Jake and the Pontiac Bandit work together on a case of looking for a serial killer. It keeps getting hilarious when Judy keeps flirting with Rosa, only to be presented by her sassiness!

The Suicide Squad

The banter between the arch-nemeses Wuntch and Holt, and the great ruckus created by the credit-stealer, the Vulture is the highlight of this episode. Holt’s dry sense of humor and Wuntch’s slaughtering roasts establish how they are star-crossed haters!

Jake and Holt

Most fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine love Jake and Holt’s camaraderie. In this one of the episodes, this camaraderie is hilariously portrayed when they get together to solve a case and happen to get infected by

mumps. The episode is a comedy of errors as they are quarantined at Holt’s for 9 days! Watch the entire episode to find out what happens when the contrasting personalities are locked in to solve a case.

Tune into Comedy Central and rejoice in the celebration of Happiness Day by binge-watching the entire Brooklyn Nine-Nine from the 18th to the 20th of March all day!