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Built with love, legendary cricketer Harbhajan Singh takes audiences on a tour of his charming home in Asian Paints Where The Heart Is Season 7

Set against the vibrant landscape of Jalandhar, lies the home of legendary cricketer Harbhajan Singh. In the fifth episode of Asian Paints’ Where The Heart Is Season 7, the cricket icon takes audiences on a journey through his charming bungalow, a quintessential Punjabi retreat that authentically exemplifies the saying, ‘home is where the heart is.’

“Homes are made of people with those vibes, with those feels, with that love, that affection, with the families. We love it, and it’s peaceful when we come home. It feels like yes, this is our place’, says Harbhajan warmly.

Crafted collaboratively by Harbhajan Singh and his wife Geeta Basra, their home stands as an architectural marvel. The opulent dining area features an extended marble table set against textured beige walls. A majestic floor-to-ceiling window opens to a scenic outdoor garden, providing a verdant view of nature. 

Geeta Basra talks about the designing this exquisite home with Harbhajan, “It’s a collaborative effort. A lot of things are him; a lot of things are me, and a lot of things are both of us.”

Elaborating on the design of the home Geeta says, “The more neutral, the better, the more elegant it looks. We are the architects; we are the interior designers. We’ve done everything.”

As the duo narrate their favourite aspect of each corner of their home, Harbhajan can’t help but get excited. His eyes light up as he talks about his bedroom, expressing his love for the ample natural light that fills the room and its inviting ambiance. The entire room, painted in white, enhances the overall sense of tranquillity and serves as a canvas for some cherished childhood memories, captured in the displayed pictures.

One of his much-loved spaces in his home that he affectionately calls his ‘den’, is the sports bar. The bar is cleverly fashioned from Harbhajan’s cricket stumps, adorned with signatures from fellow cricketers, turning them into cherished memorabilia. The sports bar features a captivating display of Harbhajan’s hat-trick, intricately crafted using ball pins by a talented artist friend.

Spanning across three floors, the bungalow flaunts a pleasant private theatre, offering an unparalleled entertainment experience. Speaking about the home theatre with its accented wood and leather-insulated walls, Harbhajan says, Comfort is very necessary for me. If we’re watching a movie, then I want to sit, relax or even lay down.”

Stepping outside, the green terrace boasts a vertical garden, offering a serene escape for the family. The expansive lawn, besides being a playground for their children, serves as a picturesque setting for growing fruits and vegetables, nurturing the family’s connection to nature.

Harbhajan shares, “We’re blessed to have a place like this where our kids can run around and play. We grow vegetables as well here. There are a lot of seasonal vegetables. It’s good to have your own space where you can grow your food as well.”

Step into the world of Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra’s home in Season 7 of Asian Paints Where The Heart Is. Their home with its simplicity reigning supreme, embodies the idea that, no matter where life takes you, there’s always a place where you can truly unwind and be yourself.  Watch the episode and explore the beauty within.