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Warner Bros. Discovery India Presents Thrilling Adventure in ‘I Should Have Stayed Home’: Two Brothers, One Epic Misadventure

Watch ‘The Big Forkers,’ Sid & Shanky as they confront adversity and triumph in a challenging escapade, premiering on discovery+ and Discovery Channel on September 11th.

Bengaluru: Get ready for an exhilarating experience as Warner Bros. Discovery India introduces ‘I Should Have Stayed Home’. The series follows the journey of two brothers who plunge into an uncompromising adventure, navigating through rugged terrains that test both their resilience and their brotherly bond.

The series spotlights Sid Mewara, a venture capitalist and trained chef, and Shanky Jayakumar, a consultant with the World Bank. Armed with their trusty 4X4 vehicles, this dynamic duo sets out on a journey filled with misadventures across the breathtaking terrains of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. Will they conquer the hurdles that lie ahead? Tune in to discovery+ and Discovery Channel on September 11th to find out.

Expressing his excitement, Sid Mewara shares, “I Should Have Stayed Home” turned out to be “I definitely want to do this again.” Sure, it was seriously brutal, scary, and exhausting, but we loved being on the edge of disaster. While the show aimed to test these two unconventional traveller’s to their limits, for us, it evolved into an invigorating challenge.”Hoyega Hoyega” became our rallying cry on and off camera. Fear filled our shoes with sweat, but we just giggled our way to the finish line!” 

On this extraordinary voyage, Sid and Shanky confront numerous obstacles. Accustomed to life’s luxuries, Sid must break free from his comfort zone and confront the realities of mountain life. Shanky, a seasoned biker with a taste for adventure, faces an entirely new set of trials and tribulations. Stripped of modern technology, they navigate the untamed Himalayan wilderness, marked by low oxygen levels and freezing temperatures. In this journey, they rely on their instincts, wits, and the benevolence of strangers to fulfil their mission – a quest for sustenance, and shelter across diverse locations.

“I have always loved living at the edge, and that’s what my biking experience has always taught me, but this is the first time I have put those learnings to use for my survival. I’m so glad for this opportunity that helped me explore beyond my comfort zone and challenge myself, which I wouldn’t have done otherwise. My camaraderie with my brother has also helped me get through this journey easily. And the rest is for my viewers to tell whether the risk was worthwhile or not!” adds Shanky Jayakumar.

Sai Abishek, head of factual and lifestyle cluster, South Asia, Warner Bros. Discovery, shares, “Our decision to cast the well-known social media duo, the Big Forkers, in this brand-new original series reflects our strategic commitment to nurturing emerging talent within the Warner Bros. Discovery portfolio. With a distinct and vibrant perspective, they bring a fresh voice to the table. Placing them in challenging scenarios not only promises ample entertainment for our viewers but also aligns perfectly with our ethos of fostering in-house talent. This approach, rooted in homegrown ideas from the market, stands as one of our central strategies for growth.”

Covering over 1000 kilometres through the awe-inspiring Himalayas, witness the duo battle harsh weather and conquer treacherous mountain paths. Will they emerge triumphant, or will they succumb? Watch ‘I Should Have Stayed Home’ premieres on 11th September, Monday at 9:00 pm on Discovery Channel and is available to stream on the discovery+ platform.