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Festive Jewellery Trends for 2021 by Titan’s Chief Design Officer, Revathi Kant

The festive season is here and so is the quest for refurbishing the wardrobe with latest trends in jewellery and adornments. With the festive cheer, it’s time to leave the past behind, as the good times beckon all of us. The year gone by has made all of us realize a beautiful life lesson to ‘live in the present’. This year, the festive season is going to be all about celebrating today and the spirit to truly live it up. Jewellery can instantly add a glam touch to the overall festive attire. To create an edgy festive look, statement jewellery pieces can be paired with both traditional and fusion outfits.

The trend in jewellery is shifting towards the ‘minimalism of maximalism’. This festive season, the trend will be inclined more towards contemporary jewellery with a blend of both ethnicity and modernity. The ‘riot of style and design’ expressed through vibrant juxtaposition of varied patterns and textures will endow jewellery designers with a rich canvas to freely exhibit their creativity. With people ecstatically getting back to social life, the overall mood is celebratory and people want to dress up and flaunt the grandeur look.

Here are some of the style notes and ruling jewellery trends by Titan’s Chief Design Officer, Revathi Kant for this festive season:

  • Trend 1The Magic of layering for grandeur: The layered designed neck pieces are timeless and can never go out of fashion. It beautifully goes along with an ethnic wear and accentuates the best features and creates a majestic look. Whether layering chains and chokers or draping yourself with body jewellery, there is no limit to accessorizing this festive season. You can opt for delicate and dainty combinations or use contrasting, bold designs for the perfect celebratory look. While layering, it is essential to create some spacing to balance the layering thereby highlighting each exquisite piece of jewellery.
  • Statement earrings for the edgy look: In today’s hybrid environment as people are continuing to work from home, the concept of ‘dressing up’ has changed. Comfort, versatility have triumphed as trends. The focus will be more towards designing jewellery keeping in mind webcam moments, above the keyboard dressing for on-screen communication. The designs are more aligned towards creating new ways of wearing earrings for an added charm. Statement earrings, ear cuffs, linear drop and studs create a vibrant look.
  • Fusion Jewellery for millennial: Fusion jewellery is designed considering the current fashion trends that are bold and yet allows the jewellery to layer with eastern elements and designs. The intricate traditional motifs reinvented in minimalistic contemporary silhouettes are making waves as a jewellery trend. Fusion jewellery known for aesthetic representation of contemporary jewellery with a seamless blend of ethnicity and modernity is attracting millennial to pair it with an indo-western outfit.
  • Trend 3Geometric Designs for style galore: Jewellery is not just an adornment, but a piece of art. From geometric shapes to architectural inspirations, symmetrical patterns, the amalgamation of jewellery and art is becoming an ultimate trend. Designs inspired from Geometry beautifully complement the festive attire as each piece has its own story to tell. In addition this, jewellery embellished with ethnic symbols and mythological figures gives a bohemian vibe reflecting the rich culture and heritage of our country.
  • Trend 5Stones and a glint of gold: The use of coloured gemstones in jewellery is a notable trend. The scintillating and majestic jewellery made from gold with embedded colourful stones is an elegant combination. The fusion of modern motifs and precious stones give it an expansive look. Get that perfect classic touch with contemporary gold jewellery and amp up the style game for a perfect traditional look.