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FOLD 80 EF Sliding Solutions by Häfele

Sliding doors have always been the gateway into any place but in recent times they have surpassed that functionality to become so much more. They can function as a partition between different areas of your home that have diverse roles only to be merged again to form an open space for large gatherings or can act as a temporary divider in offices where privacy is of the essence. Häfele’s Slido range boasts of efficient sliding systems which fulfil all sorts of requirements for any residential and commercial space. Among these is the sliding folding system, FOLD 80 EF where door panels are folded and parked on either side of the entrance/ threshold making it an attractive option for places where a conventional sliding door would take up more wall space to rest on. With a total weight carrying capacity of 80 kg / track, Fold 80 EF lets you install an even number of sliding panel configurations on each side (2 or 4). These panels can be connected/ installed with the help of Häfele’s concealed hinges to help you achieve a completely clean, flush look when the doors are closed. The absence of the bottom track in Fold 80 EF makes for a smooth and uninterrupted floor space when the doors are completely open.