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GuardianLink enters the NFT gaming space by launching the world’s first P2E cricket game on

Cricket is seeing a new paradigm shift in this web3 world & GuardianLink initiates it by an NFT drop

Cricket is an incomparable emotional glue that unites India across the length and breadth of the country. The credit, of course, goes to the evergreen Indian cricket legends who have delivered a few incredible records and permanently etched memories. These players from both present and past have contributed significantly to forming an enviably massive follower base for cricket in India.

Taking the enthusiasm for cricket into the annals of the latest technology, GuardianLink is creating a new level-playing field for cricket, with the launch of the world’s first NFT cricket game. Available on Android, iOS, and PC, the first-of-its-kind game is community-driven and enables the players to monetize their time and efforts. The multiplayer game is expected to garner the attention and patronage of NFT, gaming, and cricket enthusiasts from one of the world’s largest cricket fandom nations – India, as well as, globally.

The website of the game is getting launched today. Following this, the cricket enthusiast and NFT collectors can start getting on the waitlist hereafter.

Ramkumar Subramaniam, Co-Founder & CEO of GuardianLink said, “Watching cricket in India has always been a treat for every buff, especially nowadays, with the new formats. We consider this the best time to announce the launch of India’s pioneering NFT cricket game, which will serve as a unique product for every cricket enthusiast.  We also aim to create India’s first metaverse for cricket. The users can play both free and play-to-earn mode, subject to the end-goal which could be pure entertainment or earning a passive income.”

The players can leverage NFTs in-game assets to earn rewards, drive value, and trade. In the long-term, the game will introduce features that focus on player ownership, such as NFT real-estate, customizable avatars, and a playable metaverse, among other things that will excite the gaming and cricket fans. In addition, GuardianLink is also working towards creating a marketplace where users can participate in drops and trades of international and gaming NFTs.