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Hafele’s Wooden Chopping Board Range

A key portion of your cooking time in the kitchen involves prepping for your recipes. With the right kind of utilities, this time can bear the most fruitful and desirable results. A very simple and essential tool, the chopping board, comes in handy for all your chopping, slicing and dicing requirements.

Häfele introduces its new Wooden Chopping Board Range made of Borneo Teakwood which has a rich and complex composition imparting the boards sturdiness and strength. As hygiene is the most important factor when it comes to dealing with food, the surfaces of these chopping boards are bacteria resistant and chemical free due to the inherent property of Borneo Teakwood, preventing risk of reaction in chopped food items that are exposed to the board. You can also use the chopping board as a serving tray for food such as cheese or cold cuts, platter for pizza or other party starters and as a charcuterie board.

Due to it’s easy-to-grip grooved edges, you can easily turn the chopping board and use both sides when you prepare food. These grooves also collect meat and fruit/ vegetable juice, preventing spillage onto your worktop. The rich walnut finish of the chopping board combined with its soft curved corners appeals to the aesthetical eye and its sturdy material is gentle on your knives. You can select a pick from the different sizes and designs available in our range.