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How Do You Teach Units Of Measurement?

Yes, measurements play a significant role in estimating the dimensions and quality of a physical quantity. In actuality, measurement is a specific number that is used to show the amount of something. A conversion calculator by is the best way to measure any physical term. This free calculator allows you to convert a unit into its related units as well. This is how measurement conversion has become very easy nowadays.

In this context, I will discuss some crucial tips to teach various metric units to students in an effective way. Anxious about learning something new?

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How To Teach Measurement Units?

Proper usage of measurement units is very necessary to represent a quantity properly. The following are some smart ways to teach metric conversions.

Picking Up Correct Tools:

This practice is considered the best among all as it lasts for the rest of your life. Measuring an object does not only contain mathematics and accuracy, but also a kinesthetic approach. It is because when you start analyzing a physical object, you must take into account the correct selection of tools to have proper measurements. For instance, you can subject to a free online conversion calculator. This will help you in making your measurements more precise. 

The International System Of Units:

In system international(SI), the basic standard units for every physical quantity have been set up. You should teach your students about the correct knowledge of these units and also how to use them accurately. You may also use a conversion calculator to teach various measurement conversions so as to make it easy for students to learn them properly. Let’s have a proper guide to teach these standard units:

  • Meter:

It is the basic unit of length. Manual measurement of length can only be taken with a meter stick or a ruler. You must teach your students what both of these tools are and how to use them properly. Do not forget to code the metric conversion of the meter into its corresponding units which are millimeter, kilometer, and centimeter. In case of any difficulty, ask them to use a free conversion calculator to perform such tasks.

  • Kelvin:

The basic unit of temperature is Kelvin. Whenever you feel a need to find the temperature of a body, you must determine it into kelvin. After doing so, you have to teach pupils how to convert this standard unit into other units such as Celsius and Fahrenheit. Guide them about the proper use of metric conversion calculator if they feel difficulty in doing so.

  • Candela:

Many times you ask your class to determine the intensity of light. This is what is actually measured in the units of candela. You should guide students about the basic formula to find this specific quantity better. 

  • Kilogram:

This is the SI unit of mass. As mass can be greater or smaller as well, corresponding units such as milligrams, grams, ounces, liter, milliliters (used for liquid quantities) have also been introduced. It is a better practice to teach your students a proper measurement conversion of all these mass units and the use of a conversion calculator in this regard. This will help them a lot in better grip on these fundamental concepts.

  • Second:

Being very important, seconds is the basic unit of time. It is used widely to find acceleration, velocity, momentum, impulse, and many other physical terms. That is why you must let your students know about the proper conversions of all these terms based on time. Also, guide them to convert seconds into hours and minutes which are the most basic but crucial units of measurement.

  • Ampere:

Ampere is the basic unit of electricity. If you wish to know the range of any electrical appliance, you need to know how many amperes it can actually handle to operate on. This is why it is very necessary to keep students up to date about this measurement unit. It will also help them to troubleshoot the problems in electrical systems as well.

  • Mole:

If you want to teach your students about the accurate measurement of a substance, you actually have to teach them about mole which is the basic unit to determine this quantity. Well in case you get stuck in determining the quantity of anything, feel free to use a conversion calculator to obtain precise results.


In this article, I explained the basic units of measurement and guided how to teach them properly for getting a better grip on your metric conversions.