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How pregnant women can take care of post-COVID complications and things they need to keep in mind for a healthy child

By Joy Chatterjee, GM, Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma

Researchers, Doctors and scientists across the world are currently focusing on the Omicron variant of Covid-19. The new cases have shed further light on its impact on certain sections of the population.  According to a study, pregnant women with Covid-19 are more likely to have complications with pregnancy and birth compared to those without the ínfection. Experts believe that the Omicron variant spreads more quickly and easily to others, even if the infected person is vaccinated or asymptomatic.

Recovering from the Post-COVID phase is important, in which one should not avoid precautions at any cost. There are a few symptoms like weakness, tiredness, fatigue which stretches for more than a week after the recovery phase. However, Pregnant ladies who got infected with COVID-19 requires special care, because the body becomes too weak, and the immunity takes a toll. There will be times when the body feels drained and lethargic, however, this is quite normal which is found in many. As per research and findings, it has been observed that pregnant women usually experience mild to moderate symptoms, but they have to be alert and conscious in the post-infection phase because symptoms of other health conditions triggered by the coronavirus may surface.

Even after the quarantine days, the body needs to take care well, because pregnancy is one of the crucial periods of our lives when a woman needs to take extra care of their health and diet to ensure that the newborn baby gets all the nourishment for the development and growth of the human body. Usually, the recovery period lasts for around two weeks, but depending on the body and immune system, pregnant women take about a month also. Hence, experts have recommended that during this phase consuming a high diet is highly pertinent. 

There are a few measures that a pregnant mother should adopt effectively which helps in building a pregnant mother’s immunity. 


Vitamin C is one of the most effective vitamins to support the immune system. It is observed that our body is more easily adaptable to absorb vitamin C when the source of the vitamin is the food you rather than consuming it in a capsule form. Therefore, it is recommended to intake food that is rich in vitamin C for your diet. Other than this, including probiotics in diet, helps in digestion and colon detoxification, which keeps the immune system healthy. Yoghurt is considered one of the best sources of probiotics to add to the diet and has other pregnancy health benefits. 

Rest and Sleep 

A well-rested body can focus on healing in a much better way. Taking an adequate amount of sleep is essential for recovery as it rejuvenates the body and mind. While recovery when we take enough sleep, then the body speeds up the recovery procedure. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid spending too much time on screens, and indulge in detox. It is recommended that pregnant mothers should do yoga, or exercise it helps in stay calm. Taking a massage also relaxes the body. 

Drink warm milk

Consuming warm milk with turmeric builds immunity effectively. It also helps in reducing gas and bloating and improves metabolism. Milk helps in strengthening the bones and removes the weakness from the body. Taking it every day helps the body to function better. 

Say ‘NO’ to extra work

Pregnant ladies are always advised not to take too much pressure as it impact the body and the baby also. Don’t do such activities that require high energy as the body is still weak and recovering from the COVID phase. 

There would be days when the body might feel exhausted, or you want to go outside. But always keep in mind that if you don’t take proper rest then it might affect the baby. It is important to be stress-free, hence, doing fun activities can cherish the mood and mind. Eating healthy, staying hydrated and no stress is quite important to get back to the normal days,