How to learn trading on Forex?

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Watch the free Forex tutorial to start earning now. You don’t need any experience or large starting capital to enter online trading. Be your own boss. Trade with FBS.

Forex is the largest and most liquid market in the world. Its daily trading volumes exceed five trillion dollars. Many traders prefer trading on Forex because of its high liquidity, high profitability, and a high degree of leverage. What is more, anyone can enter the Forex market regardless of their experience and starting capital.

Trading on the Forex market is much easier than it seems. To start, you need at least a basic knowledge of how the financial market works. You don’t even have to stand up from your sofa to get this knowledge. FBS offers a variety of educational materials – first of all, video lessons. All of them are totally free and available for FBS clients. So you can plan your education yourself. All you need is access to the Internet and a smartphone or a PC (obviously, you already have both, if you are reading this).

What will you learn from FBS free Forex tutorial?

  • What is Forex and how to trade currency pairs
  • What is pip, lot, spread, swap, and so on
  • How to make forecasts
  • How to use fundamental analysis
  • What is risk management

There are 20 video lessons in total regarding Forex trading. There you will find everything you need to start your Forex journey. You will be able to put this knowledge into practice when trading Forex. The videos are hosted by our best experts. What is more, each video has subtitles, so it would be easy to perceive the information.

Who is this tutorial for?

  • For beginners who are new to Forex
  • For novice traders who want to improve their skills
  • For experienced traders who want to try new strategies

Besides the free Forex tutorial, FBS has more step-by-step video guides on online trading. Start with any of them – general tips on various topics (strategies, trading instruments, charts, etc.), MetaTrader tutorials (MT4, MT5), or FBS Trader guide. All these lessons will allow you to gain a comprehensive introduction to the markets.

At FBS, we do everything possible to help clients achieve new highs in trading. So start by watching these video lessons if you wish to take charge of your finances and start trading Forex for a living.

FBS. Always by your side.

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