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IndianShelf unveils limited edition collection of handpainted Kashmiri furniture knobs

IndianShelf, one of India’s leading online platform that specialises in home décor products presents its latest set of handmade, handpainted Kashmiri knobs. The limited edition of exquisite Kashmiri furniture knobs reiterates the company’s commitment to create home décor products by reinventing,  redesigning & reviving the rich handicraft  & handloom legacy of India.

The limited edition range of Kashmiri wooden door knobs are handmade, beautiful and durable. It’s a stunning range of which can enhance the look of any ordinary looking door or cabinet. Each knob is individually hand painted with a lot of detailing by artisans of kashmir hence each piece is very unique.

Each door knob has gone through exquisite workmanship by craftsmen yet the company has done its bit to price it economically so that more & more people can have this piece of art at their homes. These knobs  are perfect for traditional or casual cabinetry and furniture, adding a dash of colour. Kashmir’s beautiful craftsmanship can be seen in these knobs that makes it unique.

“At Indianshelf, our aim is to promote Indian craft and with the right design intervention make it accessible to people. Our limited edition, handpainted Kashmiri furniture knobs is an effort to support craftsmen of Kashmir and also create a unique product that patrons of good living can appreciate. We have received a great response for this range and we will bring more collections from other regions in the times to come. This will be an ongoing process” says Mr Kshitij Gupta at Indianshelf.

Knobs and handle work as a holder to pull or push the doors and cabinets. Knobs are round shaped lump or balls alike features, unlike handles that are elongated in design and shape; placed at the end of the surface of an object. They transform the house into a beautiful décor, complimenting kitchen, bathrooms or living rooms. From classic vintage styles to modern contemporary designs, knobs and handles can be found in beautifully crafted handmade designs.