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Makers of YogiFi Smart Mat launch premium Smart Mirror to achieve positive lifestyle transformation at home

New Delhi :  Wellnesys Inc., the start-up behind the CES innovation award winning product, YogiFi, World’s First Smart Fitness Mat, is back at CES 2022 with a new portfolio line-up that aspires to elevate the experience of wellness at-home and bring about a positive lifestyle transformation for the health and happiness of individuals.

Wellnesys co-founders Vinod, Muralidhar and Sankar announced the launch of “ARIA,” a platform that brings together the fusion of AR/VR, Computer Vision and Smart Sensing solutions to deliver interactive and immersive digital experiences via Smart TVs and Smart Mirrors.

ARIA Lifestyle mirror is essentially a smart mirror with 32’ and 43” touch LED display and embedded with computer vision technologies for face/gesture recognition and posture tracking and training. Beyond posture training for fitness and workouts, ARIA Mirror has been designed as a smart lifestyle companion with a host of innovative apps such as diet/workout recommendations based on BMI and physical activity, virtual make-up and grooming based on the calendar schedule, learn bollywood dance moves before a party, practice various cricket shots to get instant feedback on the form and footwork or engage in a fun activity with an interactive exer-gaming on the smart mat that comes along with the mirror.

Muralidhar Somisetty, Founder and CEO, YogiFi by Wellnesys said “While we continue to focus on expanding our business opportunity around YogiFi Smart Mat, we are excited to script a new chapter in our startup journey, evolving from a connected fitness product to smart home portfolio with a potential to revolutionize the way people live, learn, play, work and workout at home.”

The start-up has been chosen for showcase at first ever “India Innovation Week” from Jan 10-16, a virtual event organized by StartupIndia and DPIIT as part of Azadi ki Amrit Mahotsav.