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MX Player launches Uni Ki Yaari

Our college days were the most fun days of our lives! From wild misadventures to an intentional, calculated flight into the future, we’ve seen it all, done it all during the good old days. Taking us back in time and unfolding the unfiltered fun and unlimited dreams is MX Player’s new series, Uni Ki Yaari. A story of three friends navigating their lives through the highs and lows of college life and ultimately finding the right path, Uni Ki Yaari is a light-hearted peek into their journey to managing adulthood. MX Studios has associated with Chandigarh University to create this 5-episodic series and is available to stream on MX Player.

Uni Ki Yaari explores the experience through the lives of three friends – Merry, Jeet and Sakshi. Directed by Partha Sarathi Manna, the show is set during the last few weeks of college and introduces us to individual characters and their quirks/ strengths. Through the journey, we see these young adults reaching for their aspirations and becoming the best versions of themselves, ready to experience the real world without missing out on any college fun.

Suresh Menon, Content and Creative Head, MX Studios, said, “With stories such as Uni Ki Yaari, many familiar emotions surface from our own experiences in college. The narrative of the show is such that it brings nostalgia and freshness to your overall viewing experience. At MX Player, we aim to present content that draws some parallel to reality and leaves a lasting impression.”

Harnath Ghosh, Head of Branding, Chandigarh University said, “We, at Chandigarh University, think outside the box, drift apart from the obvious and always remain ahead of the curve. With this unique collaboration with the OTT market leader, MX Player, we have come up with a never-done-before mini-series which subtly highlights all that makes Chandigarh University special.”