Myriad Forms Of Ganesha portrayed by Artist Swati Pasari

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Lord Ganesha, the divine name that symbolizes consciousness which is omnipresent. Lord Ganesha is the same energy which is the reason behind our universe- the energy from which the world was manifested and the same energy where the universe will unite and dissolve.

Artist Swati Pasari has captured various moods and forms of Lord Ganesha in her paintings and sculptures. While in some artwork she depicts Lord Ganesha as the source of every beat and tune that binds the universe into a beautiful musical symphony.


In another of her painting, she depicts Lord Ganesha as the source of ultimate wisdom, of peace and the centre of the universe to which we are all connected, from which we all get our source of peace.


She has always considered Lord Ganesha to be a constant source of inspiration and joy even during the most difficult times of her life. Her art never fails to depict that Lord Ganesh is also a beautiful source of joy, inspiration, vitality and life. The beautiful and abundant use of colours denotes all the positivity and vitality that Lord Ganesha often brings to our life.


Her portrayal of Divine Lord celebrates the fact that Lord Ganesha does not dwell outside us but forms the very centre of our life, our existence.

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