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Road To Valor: Empires Crosses 3.35 Lakh Downloads; Krafton Rolls Out Second Update For The Game

  • Users can now earn more rewards by watching ads
  • The May Update focuses on enhancing the game’s user interface and bringing improvements to units

New Delhi: KRAFTON, Inc., has released the May update for its newly launched Road to Valor: Empires, a real time player-versus-player (PvP) strategy game. The Forge Update 1.15 gives players the opportunity to earn more rewards by watching ads. Furthermore, the update includes enhancements to the game’s user interface to improve its functionality and ease of use. Launched in March 2023, the game has crossed 3.35 lakhs downloads across both Play Store and App Store.

The Forge Update 1.15 also brings improvements to several units, weapons and buildings. The key highlights include:

  • Mythic Units – Oni of Nightmares receives improved attack radius, Manticore’s Rampage attack will now cause poison damage while Zahak has improved attack motion
  • Common units -Yamato Cannoneers have increased cannon ball speeds and Riflemen will have higher attack range
  • Siege Weapons:  The number of summoned units of trained auxilia in the Trojan Horse has been changed from 10 to 5.
  • Epic Units – Improvements made to Viking Spearhead’s attack radius and Mushashi’s cooldown time
  • Attack damage has been increased for Ninja, attack speed increased for Samurai and Sohei now becomes a target of attack while attacking enemies
  • War Elephants receive improvements in attack damage and reduced deployment time
  • Siegebreaker has been added to Dwarf Architects and Ice Magicians. The movement speed of troops will be increased upon reaching the Siegebreaker
  • Fire Shrine Miko’s Blazing Barrier will receive improvements in attack duration and protection offered with the burn radius being increased
  • Archer Training Camp will witness an increase in training speed, Gate of Xerxes has reduced deployment time and Quicksand will also receive changes in duration
  • Guardian’s Trial level of difficulty has been adjusted