SAMI-Aid Offers Optimized Telemedicine-Assisted COVID-19 Testing

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San Jose:  SAMI-Aid, a patient-focused telemedicine platform and healthcare concierge company, has begun partnering with COVID-19 testing companies and  businesses and organizations to offer optimized COVID-19 testing utilizing its telemedicine platform. SAMI-Aid sits at the center of this ecosystem and provides logistics, monitoring and reporting to each testing stakeholder. SAMI-Aid’s system of COVID-19 testing has been found to be more efficient, cost-effective, and safe by social distancing standards.

“We have heard from business owners and managers who want to ensure that their employees are safe when they come to work and have been trying to figure out the best COVID-19 testing protocol,” said John Farhangui, SAMI-Aid Founder and CEO. “This is why we’ve developed a new testing program that utilizes our telemedicine platform for maximum efficiency and safety.”

SAMI-Aid’s testing program employs its telemedicine platform by having medical professionals supervise patient-administered COVID-19 nasal and oropharyngeal tests live and on screen at their place of business. A patient sits down in front of a computer and a licensed medical professional gives the patient instructions for completing and packaging the test to be shipped to a certified lab for analysis. This process reduces the risk of infection to testing and medical professionals. The process is also highly efficient, as at one company, SAMI-Aid was able to test over 300 people in under 3 hours, with test results being delivered within 72 hours by a CLIA lab.

“This is the future of at-work testing,” said Farhangui. “Without a vaccine, testing is the only means for employers to keep business going while ensuring the health and safety of their employees. Businesses, organizations, and government entities should be thinking actively about what it’s like to manage a testing program on its own utilizing telemedicine for maximum efficiency, safety, and cost savings.”

SAMI-Aid has so far consulted with several businesses to complete COVID-19 testing of their employees, including a New York based meal delivery company with over 6,000 employees. More information about SAMI-Aid’s COVID-19 testing program can be found by emailing or visiting

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