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Say ‘I Do’ in Style: Platinum Love Bands for Your Summer Wedding!

Bengaluru: As we enter the summer wedding season, draw inspiration from your favourite celebrities when it comes to engagement ring choices. Celebrities worldwide have long favoured engagement rings set in platinum for their memorable “I Do” moments as this naturally white metal is renowned for its elegance, durability, and timeless appeal. From A-list actors to music sensations, these celebrities have embraced platinum as the ultimate symbol of commitment, sparking a trend that continues to captivate couples globally.

Platinum is 95% pure, and not only durable but also exceptionally dense, ensuring longevity without tarnishing or losing its inherent radiance over time. Its superior strength makes it the ideal setting for diamonds and gemstones, ensuring a secure hold while enhancing their brilliance. Leading designers and jewellery brands like Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and Fred Leighton prefer platinum for its versatility and ability to showcase precious gemstones securely.

Setting jewellery in platinum ensures it stands out, making a bold style statement whether on the red carpet, intimate ceremonies, and special milestones. Platinum love bands symbolize enduring love and commitment, reflecting the sophisticated tastes of influential figures. Celebrities often choose engagement rings set in platinum for its natural white sheen, which accentuates the brilliance of diamonds and coloured gemstones, making them truly shine. The enduring allure of platinum engagement rings has solidified their status as a favourite among celebrity couples, who often flaunt stunning rings featuring sizable diamonds or vibrant coloured gemstones set in this precious metal.

Speaking on the latest trends when it comes to engagement rings set in platinum, Pallavi Sharma, Business Director, Platinum Guild International (PGI)- India said, “Influenced by global trends, Platinum Love Bands have emerged as a popular option in the world of engagement rings. Some interesting trends include the ‘Modern Vintage’ aesthetic- that blends traditional styles with contemporary design elements, offering a fresh take on classic designs, the “Three Stone or ‘Trinity'” rings, featuring diverse stone shapes set in platinum, symbolizing enduring love; and the “Toi Et Moi” – a style that is favoured by celebrities, and pairs two gems to represent intimate connections, with platinum ensuring durability. Couples are also exploring gemstone options beyond diamonds and solitaires along with an array of cuts, colours and bespoke designs, all set in platinum. This includes coloured gemstones like sapphires, tourmalines and emeralds, fancy cuts such as ovals, Asscher’s and cushions, a mix of unique elements like enamel, ceramic and coloured rhodium accents, alongside personalized touches like vintage details and engravings.”

Explore iconic celebrity engagement rings set in platinum and find inspiration for your own ‘I Do’ moment with Platinum Love Bands!