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This year, pave the way for some reel-like real life me-time indulgence

Who doesn’t like being pampered and draining out the day’s stress in a hot bath? Pop culture and some new shows, provide us with the perfect fantasy of what a relaxing time in the bathroom looks like and Fiama provides you with the perfect tools to make it your reality.

Indulge, unwind and spoil yourself this season while making the bathroom your new haven with these quick additions.

1.    Shower Cap- Finding the perfect shower cap amplifies the overall bathing experience. Fiama’s dual-layered shower cap, is the perfect accessory that fits well, protects your hair while being cute and chic making you look like your favourite sitcom leading lady. A shower cap that lasts long, looks great, is easy to wash, easy to carry, and easy to wear, making it the perfect bathroom/ travel companion.

Priced at- MRP @ ₹279/- only

2.    Hair Wrapper- Start your day with a cheer and end it smiling ear to ear with glossy shiny hair! Go on, lift your mood with a bath that’s so good, rejuvenate your strands with the perfect rinse and follow it up by cocooning it in the Fiama Hair Wrap. Its micro-fibers dry hair like a pro with their super-duper 3x absorption power. So wet your hair and don’t stress about the rest

Priced at- MRP @ ₹ 499/- only

3.    Puff-a-Loofah- Indulge yourself in a luxurious bath, with the benefits of scrubbing using the Fiama’s Puff-a-Loofah. A product here to bring back the joy of bathing. Pour your shower gel on it, let it huff & puff, make it peppy, it’ll lather a lot and keep you happy. Not only one gets the most out of the loofah, but the bath time also goes from good to GLOR-I-OUS.It exfoliates, smoothens and it energizes your skin. So go on, pamper yourself well. The loofah is 100% cruelty-free, Germ resistant, Dermatologist Tested and safe on skin.

Priced at- MRP @ ₹ 125/- only

4.    Foamy Soap Pocket– Put your soap in the delicately sewn pocket making it more stylish for the times when you have house guests.  An experience no one will deny, the perfect lather that smoothens, exfoliates and energizes your skin while stimulating microcirculation and making one’s skin brighter.

Priced at- MRP @ ₹ 59/- only

5.    I-got-your-back- Loofah – We often feel lazy to move that extra bit and miss out on showering TLC to our back. The I-Got-Your-Back Loofah is here which looks like a loofah, but acts like a brush. Take your time with it, don’t rush. To go where no hand has gone before, add this to your bath kit for sure! It helps remove dead skin cells and helps in unclogging pores, making your skin squeaky clean for your next trip outdoor.

Priced at- MRP @  ₹349/- only