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Type Beauty Inc expands product portfolio, launches 24 Shades of Remedial Foundations for All Skin Types, Becomes First Indian Makeup Brand to Take Big Step Towards Inclusivity

New Delhi: Type Beauty Inc, a one-of-a-kind beauty brand that customises makeup as per skin type, is expanding its product range with a massive launch of foundations in 24 shades. Recognising the growing consciousness toward inclusive skincare and makeup in the Indian market, Type Beauty Inc is here to lead with a wide shade range, not offered by any other Indian brand, thus far. Scientifically formulated for varying skin tones and concerns, the brand is all about having smarter makeup routines for your skin type.

A thoughtfully curated idea to introduce this vast shade range is not limited to inclusivity alone, but also to have something for everyone, and cater for a look preference as per one’s skin type. They concentrated on selecting the key ingredients that suit each skin concern. The foundation ranges are suited for very fair to very dark skin tones. Speaking about the same, founder Ananya Kapur says, “I have been often asked about the launch of new products and now here we are, with the largest foundation shade range by any Indian makeup brand. It took time because we do extensive research into each formula for each skin type, and bring a dermatologically-tested product that works perfectly on your skin. A lot of people who otherwise complain about not having a foundation for their skin or a darker shade will now have a variety of options. So, there’s no need to compromise with beauty. Our products are nourishing your beauty routines just the way you like it.”

Every skin type is different and Type Beauty Inc. is here to change the game for diverse skin needs, ingrained with a palette of makeup that brings out the best in you. Getting into the science of it, every product has considerable thought and research behind it. Customising clean makeup that heals and a foundation that feels just as good as it looks, every ingredient that goes in, is beneficial for the skin, inside and out. They are formulated with collagen, peptides, amino acids, zinc, vitamins and other active ingredients, all of which are super healthy and nourishing for your skin.

With this new launch, Type Beauty will drive a revolution in the beauty industry with customised foundations infused with skincare for Indian skin tones and concerns. The foundation range is divided into 4 major categories as per skin type and is available in different finishes. 3 out of 4 variants of customised foundations come with an SPF 50, and all of them are lightweight and healthy for your specific skin.

These foundations are priced at Rs 1499. Type Beauty Inc is here to help you embrace your skin type and infuse it with healthy nourishing makeup for successful results.