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Wonolo and SAMI-Aid Partner to Increase Access to Affordable Healthcare for Contract Employees

San Jose, California : SAMI-Aid, a patient-focused telemedicine platform and healthcare concierge company, has announced a new partnership with Wonolo, an online staffing platform that connects contingent workers with frontline jobs at businesses across America. Through this partnership, all workers using the Wonolo platform will get access to SAMI-Aid’s telemedicine platform.

“Our goal with creating SAMI-Aid was to bring democratized healthcare to as many people as possible,” said John Farhangui, CEO and Founder of SAMI-Aid. “We are proud to partner with companies like Wonolo that share a vision of a workforce that can easily access healthcare solutions, especially during this time when our country is facing a health crisis.”

“We are excited to offer telemedicine as an option to workers using Wonolo, especially during a time when traveling to a doctor comes with increased risks and when these workers have played such a critical role in helping people get the essential goods and services they need,” said Monica Plaza, Vice President at Wonolo. “Partnering with SAMI-Aid is part of our broader commitment to provide workers using our platform with access to a range of benefits.”

SAMI-Aid can connect patients with doctors and nurses specializing in family medicine, internal (adult) medicine, pediatrics, and dermatology. All SAMI-Aid physicians are board-certified, state-licensed, and authorized to issue prescriptions. If needed, SAMI-Aid also offers patients access to a variety of testing centers and is also proposing an at-home testing program.

With the new partnership, the annual SAMI-Aid membership fee that allows access to the telemedicine platform, normally $150, is waived for workers using the Wonolo platform. Additionally, workers will receive a 15% discount on any SAMI-Aid services needed. Normal rates for SAMI-Aid consultations are $59.99 to connect with a doctor and $39.99 to connect with a nurse. Comparatively, it is estimated that a routine office appointment with a primary care physician can cost $150-$300 without insurance.

While telemedicine options have increased with the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, many of these tools are still unavailable for people who lack health insurance. With SAMI-Aid, insurance is not needed, and users just pay a small fee to connect with a nurse or physician via the telemedicine platform.

Anyone can access the SAMI-Aid telemedicine platform by creating a membership at