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Celebrate the love for Handmade this Christmas!

The holiday season is officially upon us! While the pandemic has left most of us feeling isolated, giving your loved ones a small gift can help elevate their spirits. With Etsy India’s top picks for the Christmas season, you can finally take your thinking caps off and put your santa hats on, as we have listed our catalog of little customized presents you can indulge your friends and family with.

1. DIY Christmas Tree and Christmas Ornaments

Bring an unconventional twist to your holiday decor this year! Etsy Shop Paperica by Gayathri Ganesh’s DIY Christmas Tree and Ornaments is a fun and creative way to add some personalization to your decorations. This DIY treat would make an attractive gift, and can also be used to hide little treats inside for a merry surprise!

Gayathri from Paperica started out as an origami and quilling jewelry artist in 2008. It was her profound passion that turned her hobby into a successful professional. Over the years, Paprika has sold over 10000 unique designs across the world. 

2. Red Paper Origami LampShade

BrownFolds by Tapan Agarwal ‘s Origami inspired lamp has been put together using the finest quality of paper that reflects exceptional craftsmanship. The attention to detail and artistic brilliance makes for this Red Paper Origami Lamp all the more special and unique.

BrownFolds is based on the simple “Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle” ideology to create urban lifestyle products out of upcycled paper. The recycled, eco-friendly and yet innovative designs are the work of their home trained team of differently abled people.

3. Xmas Throw Pillows

Hand-embroidered from a small business in India, Etsy Shop BombayMill by Mukta Amit Singh offers these Christmas themed throw pillow covers that make for a great holiday accent. The elegant embellishments are sure to light up your home and get it ready for the yuletide season!

BombayMill is contemporary,  home furnishing shop that offers handmade and embellished products made with high quality materials

4. Christmas angel

Gift your loved ones something to remember you by. Madsbear Creations by Anupama Pradeep has just the thing – the most beautiful, handmade, crochet tree decorations. Let the angel grace your loved ones’ Christmas tree for generations to come.

Madsbear Creations began with Anupama’s desire to make the dolls. With no formal training in arts or crafts her doll making skills are self-developed. For her designs, Anupama uses amigurumi, the Japanese art of crocheting.

5. 3-Tier Cake Stand

Here’s the perfect gift if you’re throwing in a soiree in and around Christmas time! This 3 tier handmade resin cake stand by Etsy Seller HarfbySomyaJain, can hold a stunning display of colourful christmas treats.

HarfbySomyaJain is a small business based in Gurgaon, that offers handcrafted products made with resin, concrete, and Jesmonite. Each piece offers an aesthetically pleasing expression of positivity and joy.

6. Rose scented candle

The holiday season can get exceedingly busy. WIth friends and family wanting your time and attention, there is bound to be a time when you want to wind down. Gift yourself a scented candle from Mineral Plant Beauty by Manvi Soni and enjoy the natural fragrances in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Mineral Plant Beauty is an ingredient-focused brand dedicated to creating natural skin care. Through their products they aim to showcase the raw power of the single ingredient and pay homage to its sources