Vans announces initiative to support hard-hit cultural businesses

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Vans, an extreme sports fashion brand from the US, has launched a “Foot The Bill” initiative to assist 80 small cultural businesses around the world that are creators in action sports, art, music and street culture.

Since the coronavirus pandemic shuttered many small businesses, Vans decided to help 80 small businesses, including skate and specialty shops, restaurants, music venues and community-driven spaces by offering custom-made designs available for purchase on Vans’ customized platform, with net proceeds going directly to these small businesses.

Each of the businesses is given access to design and upload a pattern that represents its unique persona on Vans’ customized platform. People can support each business by selecting its design for purchase, and they can customize it with other color, print and material combinations to make shoes. The net proceeds from the sale of each pair will go directly to that small business to provide some relief during this challenging time. Vans will produce up to 500 pairs for each business.

Launched in the US, the initiative will help businesses in many countries, like Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, the US and the UK.

According to Steve Van Doren, Vans’ Vice President of Events and Promotions, “Now, more than ever, it’s important to support the people that provide spaces for communities around the world to be creative and come together. We hope to rally together with our consumers to lend a helping hand to those that are in need.”

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