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Govt urges people to use masks in wake of COVID-19 outbreak

Amid the Novel Corona virus contagion, Governments in many countries including in India have advised citizens to use masks. Central Government urged people to use masks and cover mouth and nose as this is believed to be the first line of self-defence in country’s fight against COVID-19.

Corona Virus

Many states and cities including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Mumbai have made wearing masks mandatory, in case of stepping outdoor. Our correspondent reports that  government has already classified mask under the category of essential commodity but if you are not a health professional or directly indulged in handling COVID-19 patients you may choose to make one for yourself. The N-95 masks and surgical masks are much more required by health professionals. COVID-19 reportedly is transmitted through droplets while an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks to another person in close contact. Making a mask for protection while stepping outside at home is fairly simple, you can use any old t-shirt cloth, handkerchief or any other fabric which suits you. It should be cut out in such a way that it covers nose and mouth properly. For better protection you can also use two layers of the fabric. Strings can be attached to the ends of the cloth so that you can wear it. Make sure that you make at least a pair of such self-made masks. So that you can wash the other one after a day’s use. While government units continue to ramp up their productions with Railways alone producing more than 6 lakh reusable masks, many choose to wear their own hand made masks.

Union Health ministry as well, in an advisory has said that people who are not suffering from medical conditions or having breathing difficulties may use the handmade reusable masks.