Worldwide number of fatalities from Novel coronavirus rise to 82,726

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The worldwide number of fatalities from the Novel coronavirus rose to 82,726 today. More than 1,438,290 declared cases have been registered in 192 countries and territories since the epidemic first emerged in China in December. Of these cases, at least 275,500 are now considered recovered.

United States recorded the most new deaths over that period, with 890. It was followed by Spain, with 757 new recorded deaths.

Italy has recorded 17,127 fatalities while Spain has registered 14,555 deaths. The death toll in the United States is now the third highest, at 12,911 for 399,929 infections — the highest number of cases in the world.

France has reported 10,328 deaths followed by Britain with 6,159 deaths. China — excluding Hong Kong and Macau — has declared till today 3,333 deaths and 81,802 cases, with 77,279 recoveries.

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